This homey story will delight your heart. Miriam Ilgenfritz vividly
depicts the harshness of life in rural Pennsylvania in the 1700s, where
times are challenging and emotions raw
In Letters to Emily, you’ll experience the daily life of the early settlers,
feel their pain, share their sorrow, and rejoice in their victories.
A heartwarming glimpse into another time and the struggles faced by
one family.
—Sharon Dow, author of Antipas: Martyr and Pergamum:
Satan’s Throne

Letters to Emily is a heartwarming story of a woman struggling to
adjust to marriage and frontier life. Hannah’s raw honesty with herself will endear her to readers as they relate to the challenges life throws her way.
Ilgenfritz grounds her characters in faith,yet keeps them brutally real.
—Tara Fairfield, licensed psychologist, speaker, and
author of Makai Queen

Letters to Emily is the poignantly crafted debut novel of Miriam
Ilgenfritz. With superb historical detail, she captures the realities
and hardships of late 1700s in America. Deeply felt characters in an
authentic rural setting when faith and family carved the beginnings
of a great nation. To read this book is to experience the heart and
soul of our heritage.
—Stan Bednarz, author of Miracle on Snowbird Lake

Letters to Emily