The Ties That Bind
What some readers are saying:

I just devoured this book the same day it came in the mail.  It is absolutely a beautiful picture of a big family with unique trials, heartbreaks , and joys with fun.  I laughed and cried as I read it.
- Jennie F.

Leaves you wanting more
How many of us harried crazed Moms with just 2 or 3 wonder how we could possibly handle anything more thrown at us? If we are  lucky, or should I say blessed, it can be with the grace and love that Miriam does with her own family of 16 children.Enjoyed the stories shared and when I was done, I really wanted more.  This is an incredible family with incredible lessons and stories to share.
-Jen H.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Ties That Bind and felt it was as good as the New York Times bestseller,  Heaven is for Real.
-Harry I.

Love this book!

I love this book! I haven't read a book in a while and I can hardly stand to put this one down- but with two young children of my own, I often must.Oh, I have laughed so much! It reminds me that in spite of the challenges that come with raising a large family, there are many blessings and fond memories that come with it too.  I find this book a blessing and treasure, and a fun look into the lives of this family.

-Shannon W.

Dear Miriam,
Your book was a fantastic warm-heart of a read.  I really enjoyed it.
-Sandy H.

This is a delightful and insightful book.  The author has a way with words that is gentle, humorous and at times very thought provoking.  the glimpses of life into this family show what a rare jewel this family is, a refreshing rebuke to the material standards of today's society.
-M.J. Owen

Couldn't Put it down...
... I couldn't put it down! Very encouraging for women with " a big" family(more than 2).
-Raylin B

A wife and  mother of 16 makes time to share warm,humorous, sometimes hair-raising times of raising kids in a rural acreage setting in Pennsylvania Amish country. (She is not Amish).  The author defines  what entropy means.  We get a road kill recipe!
 Along the way she shares her philosophy of bringing up kids, her celebration of life and her belief in God who provides.
 Photos of the family at work and play enhance the book.